Welcome to the Planetary Security Foundation

The Planetary Security Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness of nuclear weapons issues and to securing our planet while at the same time exploring others. 


The Planetary Security Foundation has a unique perspective on the issues of nuclear weapons.  Having worked many years in the space industry with dozens of American astronauts and Russian cosmonauts, our founders were inspired to promote the development of rocket technologies for peaceful purposes.  The assets used as the would-be weapons of the nuclear age are also those that can become the gateways to the heavens.  The Planetary Security Foundation believes that rockets are best used to explore space and to develop other worlds… not as hair-trigger devices that can end the world with the push of a button.


Through global outreach programs, we aim to educate the public about nuclear weapons and to generate discussion about the proliferation of nuclear weapons.  We also will educate the community about the peaceful alternative uses of the rockets used to deliver nuclear warheads, especially as launch vehicles for scientific space exploration missions.

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